10 Most Beautiful Places to Elope in Scotland 

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There is so much to choose from when searching for places to elope in Scotland. You have fantastic landscapes, fairytale cities, and ancient castles to serve as your backdrop while saying your I Do’s. If you always dreamt about escaping somewhere just the two of you, this may be a perfect article for you, so keep reading about the best places for intimate weddings for two in Scotland.

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Is Eloping Better Than a Wedding?

The cost, less drama, less stress, less planning and coordinating, more location and vendor choices, better photos, a more genuine and authentic display, an experience to remember forever, and many other advantages of eloping are just a few. You will have a wonderful time and the time you spend together is more than a wedding, it is a honeymoon and a wedding in one. You can explore our Scotland elopement packages to find out more.

What Are the Best Places to Elope in Scotland?

As an elopement photographer that can also help you organise your entire getaway, I have experience with many great locations throughout Scotland. Scotland has so many hidden gems and interesting landscapes that will stay in your memory forever. All you have to choose is if you prefer the countryside, highlands, cliffs, castles, or something else. Scotland has all that and more, and in the rest of the article, you will find out about all those places that we have explored so far.

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Here are the best places to elope in Scotland:

1. Cairngorms National Park

The Cairngorms National Park ranks among the very best locations in Scotland for an elopement. While the Isle of Skye or Glencoe has busier, more bustling landscapes than the Cairngorms, they are both equally stunning. Ancient Caledonian pine woods that are lush, verdant, and border tranquil lochs are what makes this region unique. 

You can exchange your vows in some stunning, secluded locations that are surrounded by trees and have a view of the mountains, with nothing but the sound of birds, the breeze in the trees, and running water for company. If you’re interested in having a mountain wedding and don’t mind wearing your walking boots, there are also some fantastic hikes.

2. Outer Hebrides

The Outer Hebrides, with their stunning coastlines, mountains, wildlife, and laid-back way of life, could be one of the best places to elope in Scotland. The Scottish Western Isles of the Outer Hebrides are a varied network of interconnected islands located on the Atlantic coast of Europe, each with a distinctive culture. 

The Outer Hebrides islands at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean are beautiful, stretching from the northernmost headlands of the Isle of Lewis to the southern point of Vatersay. With rocky mountain peaks built on some of the oldest rocks in the world as their background, silver sand beaches with turquoise waters can be found there. 

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3. Eilean Donan Castle

One of Scotland’s most incredible elopement locations is Eilean Donan Castle, a place where three lochs meet, renowned for its fairytale bridge and magnificent, remote setting with a view of the Isle of Skye. This location demands its own distinct set of logistical and timeline requirements to enable you both to make the most of your wedding day with Eilean Donan as your backdrop. 

Ceremonies are only allowed after the Castle closes to the public. By using our services, you can be sure that you’ll get the direction and counsel you need to comprehend the paperwork, select the ideal locations for the first look and wedding meal, incorporate Scottish custom, and make wise supplier decisions.

4. Loch Lomond and the Trossachs

If your choice is elopement in nature but close to the big cities, Scotland’s Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park are one of the most stunning locations you can choose. You will find serene lochs and breathtaking mountain landscapes that are all within an easy drive of Glasgow and Edinburgh.

The main reason to elope at Loch Lomond and the Trossachs is its stunning scenery. The view is spectacular. There are breathtaking vistas almost everywhere you look, from the Arrochar Alps to the island habitats of Loch Lomond, and the views from the summit of Ben Lomond to the Falls of Dochart. All of this can be part of your wedding photos.

5. Glencoe

Glencoe is a breathtakingly gorgeous steep-sided valley bordered by some of Scotland’s most impressive mountains. It most likely embodies what people envision when they shut their eyes and think of the Scottish Highlands. You get the impression that you are going back in time the minute you arrive there. 

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Despite Glencoe’s accessibility, it is incredibly isolated. It is a valley that is rich in history and full of legends about clan wars, bravery, love, and treachery. Since ancient times, couples have fled to these mountains to get married, and your love story might follow that custom. Write your own fairytale in the mountains of Glencoe.

6. Isle of Skye

One of the most famous places to elope in Scotland is certainly the Isle of Skye. It has developed a reputation as one of the most wildly romantic locations for destination elopement weddings in the world. A winning formula includes consistently beautiful scenery, a wide variety of super-hip lodging choices, and award-winning dining establishments. 

If you are thinking about having your Scottish elopement on the Isle of Skye, we advise choosing a date between October and April when the island is much less crowded or having the ceremony at dawn or sunset, when these popular spots will be empty. However, even if this is not the high season you should still book everything in advance, from photographer to accommodation.

7. Assynt

The far northwest of the Scottish mainland is home to the untamed, mountainous, and isolated region known as Assynt. If you want epic drama and a Game of Thrones vibe, this is the best spot to go to. There are numerous mountain landscapes, breathtaking road trips, deserted beaches, waterfalls, sea views, and amazing geology. 

Assynt has the ideal balance of everything you require for an unforgettable and adventurous elopement wedding in Scotland. It requires some travel time to get there but it is well worth it. Assynt’s accommodation choices are limited because of its remote location. This is why you should book everything ahead of time, and if you need help with that, feel free to contact us.

8. Isle of Mull

If you prefer a softer, more gentle, and lusher environment, The Isle of Mull has to be included on our list of wonderful places to elope in Scotland. Imagine gentle hills, serene lochs, undiscovered waterfalls, and crumbling fortresses. There are some really beautiful white sand beaches, azure sea, ruined castles, adorable villages, and miles and miles of unspoiled, uninhabited landscape to discover on the Isle of Mull and the neighbouring island of Iona. 

Visiting the Isle of Mull seems as if you are travelling back in time to a calmer and more relaxed period. If you want to unwind and get away from it all, it’s unquestionably an excellent place for an elopement. It’s also fantastic if you want to get married in the summer or fall but don’t want it to correspond with the Isle of Skye’s tourist season.

9. Torridon and Wester Ross

Wester Ross and Torridon are both breathtaking mountainous areas in Scotland’s northwest highlands with fantastic hiking, untamed camping, and wild swimming areas. This area is characterised by stunning scenery that never fails to take our breath away. 

Torridon and Wester Ross are amazing Scottish elopement locations because it is less crowded and off the beaten path. You can therefore travel or hike for miles without encountering another person, even during the busy summer months. To couples who are attracted to the mountain beauty of Glencoe and Skye but don’t want to have their wedding ceremony in a tourist hotspot, we would without a doubt suggest Torridon and Wester Ross.

10. Edinburgh

Edinburgh is hard to match if you enjoy being surrounded by history, culture, and stunning architecture. A Scottish city elopement in Scotland’s capital city provides a super-romantic option for couples who might not want to spend their wedding day hiking.

In Edinburgh, you can incorporate urban discovery into your wedding day by strolling through the city’s charming backstreets. One of the most charming areas of the city is Dean Village, and Carlton Hill provides astonishing views of the entire city.

It’s common to observe the sunset over the city from Arthur’s Seat. Before heading to one of Edinburgh’s many acclaimed restaurants to enjoy your wedding night in style, pack some drinks and appetizers, bring a rug to sit on, and watch the sunset behind the city. There are also jazz bars and a variety of clubs that cater to all musical tastes, perfect for any party animals who want to finish their wedding night with a swing. Find out more about Edinburgh here.

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Places to Elope in Scotland FAQs

How Much Does It Cost to Elope in Scotland? 

It depends on what you want to include in your elopement, starting from wedding organization and photography services, what hotels you are renting, where is the location of your wedding, and so on. On average, elopement in Scotland costs anywhere from £3000 to £7000.

Can Americans Elope in Scotland?

Anyone can elope in Scotland, including Americans. There are a few additional steps to take if you are not from the European Economic Area or Switzerland, including applying for a Marriage Visitor Visa, which costs £95 and can be requested up to three months before your wedding.

Where Can I Elope in Scotland?

Anywhere, places to elope in Scotland are countless. Scotland is the only country in the UK that allows elopement anywhere as long as the registered celebrant does it. So feel free to choose among gorgeous landscapes.

Can You Get Married Anywhere in Scotland?

In Scotland, you can choose between two kinds of marriage ceremonies. Civil ceremonies may be held anywhere, except for places of worship, that have been decided upon by the registrar. Religious or belief traditions can be performed anywhere by a celebrant who has been permitted to do so.

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