Destination Wedding in Scotland: Everything You Need To Know

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A Scottish wedding or elopement can be a truly magical affair, but as with all weddings, irrespective of location, there is much to consider. As well as scouting the perfect venue or settling on what tartan design to incorporate into your big day, there are important legal aspects and certain other boxes to tick when […]

Winter Wedding Scotland: Your Ultimate 2023 Guide

Scotland is vastly becoming one of the most sought-after locations for weddings – and with everything it has to offer in terms of scenery and culture – it’s not difficult to understand why. While many soon-to-be newlyweds favour summertime for their special day, there’s an ethereal beauty about the winter wedding – and given the […]

15 Scottish Wedding Blessings & How to Write Your Own

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Scotland’s traditional Celtic and Gaelic origins are still a fundamental part of the country’s culture and often play a prominent role in traditional Scottish wedding ceremonies. If you’re thinking of incorporating a Scottish wedding tradition into your special day, but aren’t sure where to start, we look at the different options, what they mean, and […]

20 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Wedding photographers are one of the main factors in your wedding because they will create memories that will last forever. You should know the right questions to ask your wedding photographer before planning your wedding. A creative photographer in Scotland is all you need for your elopement or wedding, and here are the questions you […]

Intimate Wedding Venues in Scotland: 10 Stunning Suggestions

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Nowadays, many of us are opting for small, intimate weddings, in which we can enjoy unique locations with just a handful of our nearest and dearest – as opposed to the big traditional white church weddings with hundreds of guests! When opting for something on a smaller scale, Scotland holds much inspo and accessibility. Fun […]

Getting Married in Scotland: A 2023 Guide

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Scotland is vastly becoming a sought-after wedding hotspot – and for good reason! Not only is this Gaelic country home to some of the world’s most spellbinding scenery, it also has less strict wedding and elopement regulations than that of most other countries (even other countries in the UK). So, if you’re currently researching locations […]

13 Best Locations for Your Castle Wedding in Scotland

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If a castle wedding in Scotland is your dream, you will be happy to know that there are many castles where you can tie the knot. Scotland allows weddings in any location, like beaches, mountains, cities, and also castles. Finding castles in Scotland for weddings is not hard, and our list will help you pick […]

10 Breathtaking Isle of Skye Wedding Venues

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As one of the most beautiful and scenic places in Scotland, the Isle of Skye has wedding venues everyone would love. If your choice is an intimate destination wedding or elopement, the Isle of Skye is a perfect place to visit. Wilding Weddings is the Isle of Skye wedding planner and photography service that can […]

Eloping in Scotland: Everything You Need To Know

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Scotland is like no other when it comes to moody mountains, stunning scenery, and gorgeous glens, and can be a truly magical place to celebrate your special day in. As well as its breathtaking beauty, the great thing about Scotland is that you can legally get married outdoors, so if you’ve dreamed of an intimate […]

The Ultimate Edinburgh Wedding Location Guide

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An Edinburgh wedding is a marvellous idea if you love being surrounded by history and your dream wedding includes stunning architecture, luxurious hotels, and fantastic views. Wedding photos you can take in Edinburgh stand out by its beauty and there are not many cities in the world that offer the same experience.  This is why […]