Recently, Wildling Weddings had the absolute privilege of photographing the gorgeous nuptials of J and A at the splendid Neidpath Castle in Scotland.

Not only is this 14th-century villa completely unspoiled, despite its grand old age, but it makes for one of the most fairytale-esque locations to tie the knot.

If you’re considering a Neidpath Castle wedding for your special day, allow us to whet your appetite even further!

Note: J & A requested that faces and names not be shown/used. Rest assured that if I photograph your wedding at Neidpath Castle (or anywhere else!), you’ll get plenty of shots with your faces in them. 

neidpath castle wedding scotland

Where is Neidpath Castle?

Neidpath Castle can be found in the Peebles area of the Scottish Borders, overlooking the famous River Tweed.

The great news is, Neidpath Castle is super accessible. If you’re travelling via car (say, perhaps, from Edinburgh Airport), the villa is 28 miles (less than an hour’s journey). From Glasgow, the journey is about 65 miles and takes around 1.5 hours by car. The turn can sneak up quickly and is off a busy road so keep your eyes peeled!

It is also possible to get to Peebles from Edinburgh by taking the number 62 bus, which leaves from St. Andrew’s Square every half an hour.

Neidpath Castle Peebles - A Brief History

Any building that is around 900 years old is bound to have a rich history and a story or two between its walls, right?!


Behind those rugged stone walls lie hidden staircases, vaulted ceilings, and wooden floors that still bear the indents from gentlemen’s boot spurs from long ago. But perhaps the best thing about Neidpath Castle is the incredible views of the Scottish Borders countryside.


What’s remarkable about this medieval tower house is how, despite enduring periods of neglect and damage over the centuries, it is so well-preserved. Since its conception in the 11th century, the castle has been managed by generations of four key families: the Douglases, the Hays, the Frasers, and, more recently, the Wemyss’ – the latter being most prominent in Neidpath’s restoration and maintenance.


It was under the Wemyss’ care that extensions and additions were implemented, including the Great Hall – the very place where you can have your wedding feast! You can even sleep in Mary Queen of Scots’ bedchamber from her visit in 1563, which boasts a four-poster bed and an open fireplace.


As for the stories of the castle, there are many, including the villa suffering a serious fire at the hands of the English army in 1306, and tower damage from Oliver Cromwell’s 1650 invasion. As well as Mary Queen of Scots’ infamous stay, Neidpath has also been visited by several prominent figures in history, including King James VI.


So famous and prominent in Scottish culture, Neidpath Castle has even inspired the best of the country’s creatives, including the poets Sir Walter Scott and Sir William Wordsworth, who both wrote verses inspired by their stay at the castle.


Finally, lovers of the supernatural and all things spooky will be delighted to learn that the castle is allegedly haunted by one of its former tenants, Lady Jean Douglas, who was the inspiration behind Walter Scott’s poem, ‘The Maid of Neidpath’.


Legend has it that Lady Jean, one of the daughters of William Douglas, the Earl of March, was madly in love with a local man, but forbidden to marry him, as he was considered ‘beneath’ her. In her sorrow, it is said that her lonely ghost still roams the halls of Neidpath, pining for her lost love.

Neidpath Castle Wedding Venues

Ghosts, arson, and poetry aside, Neidpath Castle is the ultimate romantic setting for a beautiful Scottish wedding.


As well as tying the knot in this fairytale villa, the venue boasts holiday rentals and cottages for guests to stay on the night of your wedding. In fact, within the estate lies a whopping six properties, meaning there is ample space for your loved ones to celebrate with you. The wedding couple can get ready on site, and I highly recommend taking full advantage of the luxurious preparation space just upstairs from the ceremony room.


Some of the fabulous accommodation options include:


  • Townhead of Lyne

  • Queen Mary’s Chamber

  • Neidpath Barmkin

  • Barns Tower

  • Barns Library

  • Barns Bothy


As a wedding venue, Neidpath Castle holds all the enchantment you could want for a castle wedding with its beautiful and historical towers and turrets, as well as being located in one of the most peaceful areas of the Scottish Borders, with the banks of the River Tweed being the cherry on top of this magical location.


Unlike many of Scotland’s castle wedding venues, Neidpath is open to bookings all year around, so whether you want an outdoor summer wedding, a spring affair with all of the cherry blossoms in bloom, an autumn celebration with the foliage and rolling hills alive with colour, or a snowy winter wedding for that true fairytale essence – the choice is yours!

neidpath castle wedding scotland

Castles in the Scottish Borders

Owing to the beauty and authenticity of Neidpath Castle – as well as being a popular filming location – bookings are snapped up fairly pronto, but fear not. The Scottish Borders (and surrounding areas) are rife with castles to tie the knot in, including some of our personal favourites:


Neidpath Castle Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding can be stressful and time-consuming, which is why wedding planners exist – to ensure you get the magical day you deserve – without shedding years off your life due to stress!

Wildling Weddings provides a planning service for elopements – as well as offering the photography for your big day – so, get in touch with us today to see how we can help you plan your incredible Neidpath wedding.

Conversely, if you’re planning a bigger event, Neidpath has its very own team of coordinators to help orchestrate your day, while ensuring you still have full creative control. 

The team will provide expert support and recommendations – from cakes and kilts, to florists and unicorns – Neidpath has a fabulous team of catering and event partners to guarantee the perfect castle wedding.

Your Wedding Day

Not only can you wed and board at Neidpath Castle, but there are plenty of other elements to ensure an unforgettable day.

When I had the pleasure of photographing J and A’s wedding on a moody February day, we didn’t let the chilly Scottish weather deter us from snapping some magical shots from outside of the premises, which we took after the most romantic and cosy candlelit ceremony! The couple opted for some smoke bombs in their favourite colours, and I have to say that I LOVE how these turned out. You do need to be careful when using smoke bombs so as not to stain clothing or cause any burn marks.

Should you book a summer Neidpath Castle wedding, you and your guests can take advantage of some of the venue’s activities, such as archery and a scavenger hunt!

Places to Stay Near Neidpath

If you’re planning a big guest list and want to make sure those coming from out of town have a place to stay, some local accommodation options include:

Tweed Green Holiday Let

This beautifully renovated holiday apartment can be found in the heart of Peebles, and features 2 bedrooms, a garden, free Wi-Fi, free parking, a flatscreen TV, a fully equipped kitchen, and a bathroom (+ shower).

Book here.

Dilkusha, Peebles

Recently renovated and in an incredibly peaceful and scenic location, this apartment is super spacious and features 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, bed linen, towels, a flat-screen TV with streaming services, a dining area, a fully equipped kitchen, and a terrace with garden views.

Book here.

Neidpath Castle Cottage

(Not included when booking the venue).

Spacious, luxurious, homely, and right in the heart of the wedding action, this fantastic modern cottage is ideal for those wanting to stay on-site.

You will have access to the garden and terrace, and can enjoy the cottage’s 3 bedrooms and a fully fitted kitchen (with a dishwasher). The holiday home also provides 2 bathrooms with a bath and a shower.

Book here.

How to Book Neidpath Castle for Your Wedding

Because Neidpath Castle is open to events (by appointment) all throughout the year, you have a good chance of getting the reservation you desire, but do be mindful that the villa is one of Scotland’s most popular castle wedding venues, so allow for plenty of time to book.

Contact details for the castle can be found here.

neidpath castle wedding scotland


She certainly did. Upon her returning journey from a three-month tour of the southwest of Scotland in August of 1563, Mary Queen of Scots sought refuge at the castle, which was then owned by the Hay family – trusted friends of the Scottish royals – and recovered from this exhausting trip.

Initially, the castle was owned by Sir Gilbert Fraser, who founded the building back in 1190. However, Neidpath is currently owned by the Earl of Wemyss.

The ‘Scramble’, otherwise known to natives as the ‘poor oot’ (pour out), is a Scottish wedding tradition that involves newlyweds throwing handfuls of coins for guests to scramble at to keep as they drive away from the venue.

Visitors are welcome at the castle any time of the year for private events (such as weddings), tours, afternoon teas, and more, by appointment only.