Aberfeldy, Scotland – Registry Office and Dewar’s Distillery


September 2023

On a splendid September day in bonnie Scotland, I embarked on a picturesque drive from Edinburgh to the town of Aberfeldy. Nestled not far from Perth, Aberfeldy seemed like a scene plucked straight from a movie, setting the perfect stage for the long-awaited union of Nana and Daniel.

The couple chose Aberfeldy for its sentimental value, as it held a special place in Daniel’s heart, having spent his formative years nearby. They sought a convenient location for their intimate wedding celebration, and Aberfeldy fit the bill beautifully.

The Aberfeldy Registry Office served as the venue for their ceremony. Amidst the intimate gathering, Nana and Daniel exchanged rings, with the most prestigious ring bearer of all, their beloved son. The presence of their little one added a touch of innocence and warmth to the proceedings, making the day even more special. Just check out him and his dad playing with their sgian dubh (their knives)!

Following the ceremony, we strolled around the corner to the Birks of Aberfeldy, a natural haven that provided a stunning backdrop for group photos and capturing the love between Nana and Daniel. It was here that we crossed paths with another newlywed couple who had the same idea, a delightful moment that called for heartfelt congratulations.

 Although we didn’t quite make it to the waterfall, the natural beauty of the ancient trees that surrounded us was already breathtaking. Plus, it paired perfectly with Nana’s gorgeous pink hair! Aberfeldy’s charm extended from its quaint streets to its picturesque landscapes, making it an idyllic setting for Nana and Daniel’s special day.

With Nana, Daniel, and their son in tow, we made our way to Dewar’s Distillery, where their reception awaited. Little Innes had the honor of cutting the cake before being whisked away by his grandparents. Meanwhile, the celebration continued in full swing, a testament to the joy that filled the air.

Dewar’s Distillery proved to be a stunning location for an intimate reception. A long table was elegantly set up within the museum portion of the distillery, setting the stage for a memorable evening. The distillery itself gifted Nana and Daniel an engraved bottle of whisky, a fitting tribute to their love story (even though Nana is not a whisky fan). 

Before we conclude, let’s take a moment to appreciate Nana’s hand-painted jacket—an impressive and personalized touch that added a unique flair to her wedding attire. It was a reflection of the couple’s attention to detail and their desire to make this day truly their own.

The entire day was marked by laughter, love, and cherished moments shared with close friends and family. As I reflect on this Aberfeldy wedding, I can’t help but look forward to returning to this charming town and having more time to explore its treasures, both within its streets and amidst its natural beauty.

To Nana and Daniel, I raise a virtual toast to your happy marriage and the beautiful beginning you’ve shared in Aberfeldy. May your love continue to grow and thrive, much like the picturesque landscapes that surround you. Congratulations on a day filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories. Here’s to your journey ahead as husband and wife!