20 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

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Wedding photographers are one of the main factors in your wedding because they will create memories that will last forever. You should know the right questions to ask your wedding photographer before planning your wedding. A creative photographer in Scotland is all you need for your elopement or wedding, and here are the questions you need to ask them:

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Do You Like What You Do and Why?

A career like wedding photography is very personal and creative. Many wedding photographers are very excited about your wedding day and will go through it the same as if they were your friends. Therefore, it’s best to hire a photographer that is genuinely passionate about their work. Instead of hiring someone who is solely concerned with getting paid, you want someone who would go above and beyond.

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How Long Have You Been a Photographer?

The experience that photographer has may not determine their creativity but will certainly determine if they can deal with different situations. Although they may have a sizable body of work from portrait or styled shots, you need to know how prepared they are for shooting your wedding day. 

Although hiring a wedding photographer with less expertise isn’t always a deal-breaker, it is something to take into account before deciding. Consider it a plus if they are less experienced but have previously photographed a wedding in your wedding location. You should take advantage of this opportunity to request client references.

How Do You Personally Perceive and Value Marriage and Love?

A very important question to ask your wedding photographer is their view of marriage. To gain insight into a professional’s values and viewpoint, you should ask this question. Asking your wedding vendors directly is the greatest approach to make sure you are selecting inclusive professionals that are in line with your priorities and viewpoints.

What Aspect of a Wedding Day Is Your Favourite?

Finding out what your photographer enjoys the most while shooting will give you insight into their view of weddings in general and also you will know what to expect from them. What part of the wedding day touches the heart of the professional? On the big day, their response will reveal where their heart is and what they truly care about.

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What Kind of Setting on the Wedding Day Enables You to Produce Your Finest Work?

Despite how enjoyable and joyous the wedding will be, the photographer still has work to perform and must produce gorgeous pictures. For the best work to be produced, everyone, including photographers, needs perfect working conditions. You may determine if the vendor will thrive in the environment of your wedding day by asking them this question. 

How Would You Characterise Your Approach to Wedding Photography?

Even if a wedding photographer has the best skills and products in the industry, they might not be the best choice for you and your spouse if their aesthetic and style don’t meet your wedding’s vision. Ask them to explain their photographic style to you in addition to looking at their website and social media pages to make sure it’s a good fit.

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What Type of Photo Editing Do You Prefer?

The editing process used by the wedding photographer will also affect how your wedding photos turn out. Note whether they have classic, moody, or vibrant styles. Additionally, find out how they maintain a consistent appearance in different lighting on the wedding day. This is a great time to ask about any further photo editing services, like colour correction or retouching, that you might be interested in.

Can You Show Us Some of Your Earlier Work From Actual Weddings?

Seeing the wedding photographer’s prior work in addition to learning about their experience and client recommendations will tell you if it is a right fit for you. However, simply asking to examine a portfolio is insufficient. Instead of looking at highlight reels from social media and stylized photographs, you should view whole galleries from weddings. This will demonstrate the range and depth of a vendor’s expertise. 

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Do You Have Any Recommendations for Us?

You might think you know everything about weddings but your photographer has been to many weddings and not as a guest, so they have a lot of insights. They can advise which locations are best for photography, what time of the day the wedding ceremony takes place, and so much more. 

What Do You Value Most While Working With Couples?

Your priorities for the wedding have probably been discussed in great detail with your spouse, but each of your vendors will also bring their priorities to the table, which should ideally match your vision. You should ask what they appreciate most about working with their clientele.

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What Motivates You?

Among the questions to ask your wedding photographer should also be questions about their motivation for what they do. Although this is a broad inquiry, you should ask it to better comprehend a professional’s creative viewpoint. As they discuss how to incorporate their inspiration into a wedding day, pay close attention.

How Do You Capture Images That Uniquely Tell Our Story?

Although there are weddings every day, your wedding is still a special day that you should arrange specially. And you want a photographer that will understand it and contribute to making your day feel genuinely yours.

What Is the Starting Pricing for Your Packages and What Is Included in Your Wedding Packages?

The total cost of your photography will vary depending on several elements, including the number of hours of service you want and any add-ons. To determine whether the firm is basically within the range you had been planning on or whether they are outside your budget, you can however inquire about starting rates early in the inquiry phase. 

It is essential to discuss pricing and package options at the beginning before the booking. A specific number of hours, an engagement photo shoot, a second photographer, albums and prints, and so much more can be in the various packages that wedding photographers offer. 

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Are You Available on the Day of Our Wedding?

One of the top questions to ask your wedding photographer is if they are available on your dates. The photographer’s response to the other questions is irrelevant if the response is negative. You must find out as soon as possible if your photographer is available on the day of your wedding.

What Is Your Best Advice for Couples Who Want the Most Beautiful Wedding Pictures?

An open-ended inquiry like this one allows the photographer to draw from their experience and share a piece of advice they believe is crucial. If you need advice on posing, photographers are the best people to ask. You can let them lead you through your photographing experience, but talking about it beforehand will get you ready for your photo shoot on a wedding day.

I always recommend that my clients to leave time during golden hour (just before sunset) for the best photos. 

How Do You Respond to Unanticipated Events?

It would be irresponsible to not have backup plans in place in case something goes wrong on the wedding day, even while you hope nothing unforeseen occurs. Asking this question will help you understand how a photographer handles setbacks and whether they have the flexibility to change course fast.

What Method Do You Use to Pose for Photos on a Wedding Day?

Don’t forget to ask this question since it can be especially useful if you often feel awkward in front of the camera and want to know how a photographer would guide and coach you. Do they prefer to control the poses and creative direction, or do they prefer to let things develop naturally? There is no right or wrong strategy, but ultimately you want to choose a photographer whose distinctive strategy fits your attitude.

What Is the Timeline of the Wedding Photoshoot?

Every photographer has a unique process. You may get a better sense of the wedding photographer’s attitude, their shooting style, and how it will be to work with them by asking them to guide you through the timeline of the wedding day. 

I always create a custom photography timeline for my clients based around their wedding events. This allows us to maximize the day and get the photos the client is expecting.

Can We Make Particular Shot Requests?

Many wedding photographers accept photo requests, and some may even ask you to fill out a questionnaire so you may rank the importance of the photos. However, bear in mind that you hired the expert for their knowledge, therefore you mustn’t restrict them by making too many demands.

I first ask my wedding clients to fill in a questionnaire about themselves as a couple. It’s your special day and I want to know what’s most important to you. If you put your heart and soul into the food I want to ensure that I leave plenty of time to capture it. I also send clients a questionnaire about their wedding timeline and details on their wedding party. From this, I create a photoshoot timeline and checklist to make sure I get all the shots. 

When Will We Receive the Images From Our Wedding?

When the wedding day is done, anticipation for viewing your wedding images begins to grow. Before sending you the final product, your wedding photographer should take their time editing the pictures. However, it’s crucial to be aware of this time range in advance so you can avoid checking your inbox constantly. 

I offer clients sneak peeks of images within 48-72 hours after their ceremony. This gives them a few of the best photos to share with guests. 

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How Much Does a Wedding Photographer in Scotland Cost?

The cost of a wedding photographer depends on many factors, including which dates your wedding is planned, where you are having the ceremony, and how many people are involved. The price range is from a couple of hundred to a couple of thousand pounds, and there are many questions to ask your wedding photographer before choosing the right one.

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What Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer Before Your Wedding Day?

You must ask many questions, including where and when you will meet the photographer, what is included in the package, if they are doing videography, if they have a specific style, etc. Make sure to ask about everything important to you and make a checklist if needed to ensure you do not forget anything.

How Far in Advance Do You Have to Book a Wedding Photographer in Scotland?

The best timeframe for booking a photographer is at least 4 weeks before your wedding. If you wait too long the photographer you wanted to book might be already booked for your date, so ensure enough time before booking a photographer.

PIN Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

20 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

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