10 Proposing Ideas at Home, Plus Top Tips to Guarantee a ‘Yes’

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If you think popping the question at home is boring and unromantic – think again!

On the contrary, it can be the ultimate environment to surprise your special someone without an audience or the pressure of being in a less comfortable environment.

Our home is our safe place, and asking that all-important question while your spouse is cosy, comfy, and relaxed is often the most idyllic spot to make some beautiful memories. So, with that in mind, we’ve put together a ‘proposing ideas at home’ guide that will guarantee a “heck yes!” from your significant other.

Proposing Ideas at Home

A fancy restaurant? Too cliché. An announcement board at a sports stadium? Too much pressure! At home in your jammies with a glass of wine in hand? Tell us more….

Get Your Furry Friend Involved!

Having Rover or Tiddles play a role in popping the question guarantees your proposal cuteness factor ramps up by approximately one thousandfold!

You can do this by fashioning the ring/ring box onto your pet’s collar/bow, creating a sign next to a fish tank/bird cage, etc., that says something like, “Mum/Dad wants to ask you an important question…”, and so on, making it a super cute and special moment.

Stay-at-Home Date Night

Think about it: you’ve cooked your partner their favourite meal, splashed out on a bottle of their best-loved booze, the candles are lit, the lights are low… it’s the ultimate setting to be asking the big question.

You can pop the proposal during dessert, while having a slow dance to a sexy playlist, or just whenever the moment feels right. No better way to get a ring on that finger!

Picnic/Barbecue Proposal

This can be a perfect set-up for those who want to propose in the garden, and/or those who want a handful of their nearest and dearest present.

If you love to host anyway, you can organise a summer cookout or outdoor soiree without needing a reason (although everyone bar your spouse can be in on the secret, if you so wish), and while he/she is relaxed with a tummy full of delicious food and laughing away with their favourite folks, you can get down on one knee.

Brekkie in Bed

Those favouring a little old-school romance can’t go wrong with a breakfast-in-bed proposal. But don’t just chuck some toast and a mug of tea on a tray and hope for the best. Put in a little care and a few special touches.

Whip up their favourite brekkie, make a pot of tea – with a cup and saucer (or even a mimosa or glass of champers), pop a rose in a vase, and have the ring box there beautifully tucked away.

Create a ‘Will You Marry Me?’ Sign

How you do this is entirely down to you and your resources and level of creativity. You could use a chalkboard, a light-up word box, a neon sign, or simply with rose petals written on the bed.

Either way, it’s guaranteed to make an impression in the best possible way and have your partner squealing with happiness!

A Movie Night

This scenario has an underrated romance factor about it. Think about it – the lights are off, you both have a nice glass of wine and some snacks within arms reach, and you’re cuddled up under a blanket – what better way than to indulge in a romantic proposal?!

Use the Power of Music

Music is a surefire mood enhancer and any romantic words that require exchanging can often be done through a song (or a playlist)! There’s also a whole host of songs about getting married too, such as:

  • ‘Chapel of Love’ – The Dixie Cups
  • ‘Married in a Gold Rush’ – The Vampire Weekend
  • ‘White Wedding’ – Billy Idol
  • ‘Marry You’ – Bruno Mars
  • ‘Love & Marriage’ – Frank Sinatra
  • ‘Marry the Night’ – Lady Gaga
  • ‘Marry Me’ – Train
  • ‘Marry Me’ – No Doubt
  • Wedding Song’ – Bob Dylan
  • ‘I Wanna Marry You’ – Bruce Springsteen
  • ‘Let’s Pretend We’re Married’ – Prince
  • ‘Marry Me’ – Dolly Parton
  • ‘Just Say Yes’ – Snow Patrol

Use a Jigsaw

Okay, so a jigsaw puzzle may not scream “declaration of undying love’, but hear us out. You can get puzzles that are designed to be proposed with!

This is a cute and super-original way to pop the question for those looking to bypass the proposal norms/clichés. Bonus points if your special someone is a puzzle lover too!

Proposal Scratch Card

Yes, you read that correctly! You can buy scratch cards that look like exact replicas of National Lottery scratch cards, but inside it has ‘Will you marry me?’ etched. Clever, huh?!

Throw a Surprise Party

Surprise parties aren’t just limited to birthdays, you know! On the contrary, they can be a great way to pop that important question while surrounded by all of your/their favourite humans. 

Why not go all out and throw in canapés, bottles of champagne, balloons, and streamers?! That way, you can have all the grandeur and fuss of a fancy night out without leaving the house – oh, and you and your partner get to begin the next exciting chapter of your lives together!

chris and ally st anthony's chapel ruins holyrood park edinburgh proposal photoshoot
chris and ally st anthony's chapel ruins holyrood park edinburgh proposal photoshoot

Photography by Wildling Weddings

Proposing Ideas at Home: How to Guarantee a Big, Fat “YES!”

Okay, the biggest challenge with popping the question is always that niggling fear that your partner won’t say yes, so here’s how to navigate that tricky ground.

Make Sure They’re Ready

Popping the question without having ever discussed getting married is a recipe for disaster. 

Not everyone is on the same page when it comes to life-altering commitments, such as marriage, so make sure you have had the conversation and you’re confident your partner wants to tie the knot.

Have a Plan

Sure, spontaneous wedding proposals can be hella romantic, but we highly recommend having at least a vague strategy in place – especially when it comes to proposing at home. 

For one thing, it will amp up the romance factor, which is a crucial component in popping the question, and it will also show your partner that you’ve thought it out, put in a little effort, and really want to spend the rest of your life with them.

Be 100% on Availability

We know that plans can change at the last minute, but do your utmost to make sure your partner isn’t at work/seeing family/away for the weekend, etc., on the planned day of the proposal. 

That said, having a backup plan should an unexpected twist pop up can go a long way.

Use the Element of Surprise

The best proposals are always the ones that the proposee (yes, it’s a word!) doesn’t see coming. That means care and precision, and a little forward-thinking, need to be implemented. 

For example, if you’re planning a meal at home, don’t be too overboard with other romantic elements (such as rose petals in the hallway) and so forth. 

If you’re worried your partner is going to figure it out and ruin the surprise, tie the proposal in with a reason to celebrate (such as Christmas).

Don’t Steal Their Thunder

One of the biggest proposal blunders you can make is using a special event (for them) to pop the question. An example would be them getting their Ph.D. diploma, a new job, or anything along those lines. 

A wedding proposal – as welcome as it may be – will take the emphasis off of what they’ve worked so hard to achieve and rightly celebrate, and that’s not okay.

Enlist a Helping Hand or Two

You don’t have to do this all on your own (unless you want to), so why not get a few of your/their nearest and dearest in on the scheme? That way, you can make sure all goes according to plan, you propose in a way you are sure they will love, and you have a few folks to celebrate with afterward (if desired).

You could even implement the skills of an engagement photographer to capture the special moment!

chris and ally st anthony's chapel ruins holyrood park edinburgh proposal photoshoot

Photography by Wildling Weddings


You don’t need a fancy restaurant or a white sandy beach to make popping the question a super romantic moment – sometimes a wedding proposal in the comfort of your own home is the best solution, especially when using one of the ideas outlined in this article!

Absolutely. There’s no right or wrong place to pop the question (okay, maybe give the public toilets at St. Pancras a miss…).

Many of us feel most relaxed in our home, so this can be a great place for question-poppers who don’t like a spectacle, or don’t want to catch their spouse off-guard – in the wrong way.

The same way you would plan a proposal anywhere else – wait for the right moment. When it comes, you’ll know it and it will feel natural and organic. Good luck!

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10 Proposing Ideas at Home, Plus Top Tips to Guarantee a ‘Yes’

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