Edinburgh Royal Botanic Gardens – Caledonian Hall


September 2023

On a drizzly September day in Edinburgh, Emma and Addy’s loved ones gathered at the Royal Botanic Gardens. The destination: Caledonian Hall, where the ceremony was set to take place.

The atmosphere was unique, as the ceremony unfolded in the open pavilion. A dear friend of the brides led the proceedings. The exchange of rings and a handfasting ritual marked the beginning of the joyous celebration.

emma and addy edinburgh royal botanic gardens wedding caledonian hall

Choosing the Royal Botanic Garden for their wedding was a wise decision. Not only did it provide the luxury of Caledonian Hall, but it also offered access to an array of exquisite trees and plants for unforgettable wedding photos.

Time was of the essence, especially when it came to the couple’s portraits. The brides’ lengthy trains added an extra challenge, requiring a small team to ensure they moved seamlessly from one location to another. But the end result? Breathtaking photographs that made every effort worthwhile.


One of the most remarkable settings for photos was the John Muir Grove. This secluded area within the gardens was a gem, featuring towering trees that provided a majestic backdrop. 

Another highlight was the rock garden. Nestled among the rugged beauty of the stones and plants, Emma and Addy shared smiles. 

Despite the weather’s unpredictability, the Royal Botanic Gardens offered a haven for the wedding. The rain added a sense of coziness to the ceremony, and the guests huddled under umbrellas for champagne afterwards, creating an intimate and heartwarming atmosphere.

As the ceremony concluded, the celebrations kicked off in style. The Caledonian Hall transformed into a vibrant hub of laughter and love. Guests mingled, sharing stories and raising toasts to the newlyweds.

Emma and Addy’s Edinburgh Botanic Gardens wedding was a testament to love’s ability to shine even on the rainiest of days – and you have to love the rain if you’re getting married in Scotland. The Royal Botanic Gardens provided a unique and beautiful backdrop for their special day, offering not just a venue but an experience that would be etched in their hearts forever.

In the end, the rain didn’t dampen their spirits; instead, it added a touch of romance and unpredictability to their wedding day. The stunning photographs taken amidst the John Muir Grove and the rock garden captured the essence of their love and the beauty of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh. Emma and Addy’s love story had found its perfect setting in this lush and picturesque oasis.