How to Find Humanist Celebrants in Scotland

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Does your wedding ceremony need a humanist celebrant in Scotland? Read this article to find out. Humanist celebrants perform wedding ceremonies all around the country and they are offering their service to couples who choose not to pursue religious or other kinds of ceremonies. 

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What Is a Humanist Wedding?

For those who are looking for alternatives to classical religious ceremonies, a humanist wedding is a very interesting topic. A humanist wedding is an open and inclusive ceremony that is designed just for you. A humanist wedding is officiated by a celebrant and centres around your shared values and love story.

A humanist wedding celebrant with training leads the wedding ceremony. They take the time to get to know you as a couple, after which they craft and perform a heartfelt ceremony. You can make it informal or official, non-traditional or conventional. You can incorporate traditions and rituals, speeches, singing, and whatever else that seems completely appropriate for you into your day.

Humanist weddings have many benefits compared to other options. It allows couples to create a highly personalised and meaningful ceremony that reflects their unique values, beliefs, and love story. Also, it promotes inclusivity by accommodating various cultural backgrounds, beliefs, and orientations, making guests feel welcome and respected.

Additionally, humanist weddings often prioritise environmental sustainability by offering options for eco-friendly ceremonies. They offer a non-religious alternative for couples who may not identify with traditional religious ceremonies, allowing them to celebrate their commitment in a way that resonates with their worldview.

caitlin and jack loch an eilein lochside wedding scotland aviemore
caitlin and jack loch an eilein lochside wedding scotland aviemore

Photography by Wildling Weddings

Where to Find Humanist Celebrants in Scotland?

There are many organisations and professional humanist celebrants who offer their services online. Check out our list below for some of the best-rated humanist celebrants in Scotland:

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Humanist Society Scotland

Humanist Society Scotland presents itself as a national organisation where you can find out more about humanists. They are proud of their ideology which is based on tolerance, inclusivity, and science. They offer different ceremonies, but you can also find out more about their organisation on their website, and read articles that will introduce you to a humanist world.

They also offer services and a search base where you can find local humanist celebrants in Scotland based on your location and interests. Choose the person that best fits your needs and get in touch with them through the website. This is a first step to take in organising your wedding.

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Humanist Society UK

Similarly to the Humanist Society Scotland, the Humanist Society UK represents an organisation where you can find many humanist celebrants throughout the United Kingdom. On their website, you can search for naming celebrants, wedding celebrants, or funeral celebrants.

Their wedding celebrant provides meaningful nonreligious wedding ceremonies and they are open and willing to work with you on your idea and to create a dream wedding for you. There are not many rules when you choose a humanist celebrant, and it is entirely up to you as a couple where you choose to get married, and what customs and rituals can be incorporated into your ceremony.

Independent Humanist Ceremonies

Independent Humanist Ceremonies provide services to people who want to get married in a special and meaningful way. They support equality for all people, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. They will encourage you to make your own decisions about what is good and wrong for your ceremony.

Among other celebrations of significant life events, Independent Humanist Ceremonies accredits and teaches celebrants to perform weddings, vow renewals, funerals, and memorial services. They are based in Scotland and you can search for local humanist celebrants for your humanist wedding.

Fuze Ceremonies

Scotland-based Fuze Ceremonies offers several celebrants to choose from. They cover different ceremonies, including baby naming, weddings, funerals, etc. They always try to have a unique ceremony created just for you, with personalised details, so that it stands out from all the others.

The three main goals of Fuze are to train new celebrants, market celebrant services, and provide exceptional ceremonies. By providing Celebrants with exceptional training that enables them to write and perform a unique script that tells their story in a way that authentically reflects who they are, Fuze is changing what society has come to expect from ceremonies.

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Tim Maguire Humanist Celebrant

Tim Maguire is an experienced and well-known humanist celebrant who has been featured in Vogue as one of the best-known humanist celebrants in Scotland. He has been providing services since 2005 and was part of over 1600 weddings and other ceremonies throughout Edinburgh and Scotland.

Tim can recommend venues and other suppliers in the area. He is also known for his speeches on humanism in general and has been writing articles for many publications including The Scotsman and The Guardian.

Rona The Humanist Celebrant

Rona is a humanist celebrant who works mostly in the Highlands and loves being part of humanist weddings in unique locations. She works together with a couple to bring their vision to

life and gets to know them before the ceremony. With no standard script, every ceremony becomes unique and represents you as a couple.

Before she became a humanist wedding celebrant she worked as a wedding coordinator at Eilean Donan Castle. After being part of hundreds of ceremonies she decided that she wanted to contribute more to the magic and became a celebrant herself.

Humanist Association Scotland

This is another organisation with professional celebrants that can connect you to the local humanist celebrants and help you have your dream wedding. Their celebrants can conduct lawful marriages anywhere in Scotland. All ceremonies held by the Humanist Association of Scotland are extraordinary, meaningful, personal, and unique.

Celebrants from the Humanist Association Scotland make sure that the couple’s love, commitment, and respect for one another are important aspects of their ceremony. A wedding ceremony should reflect the personality of the couple and strike a balance between romance, and meaning. Every ceremony is distinctive and uniquely planned.

Claire the Humanist

Claire Digance, a humanist wedding celebrant, is based in Scotland and you can contact her if you want to have an idyllic wedding that is well-planned and scripted. She lives in Dumbarton, which is great for couples from Glasgow, Loch Lomond and the West Coast but she can go anywhere in Scotland for your wedding, whether it is in a venue or somewhere outdoors.

If you’re considering a humanist wedding, you’re well on your way to crafting a ceremony that is wholly original to you, a celebration of your lives and loves where everyone is welcomed and included. Clair avoids following strict guidelines and is open to your ideas and expectations.

Celebrant Mairi

For bespoke weddings all around Scotland, you can also contact this incredible humanist celebrant with years of experience. She has travelled a lot in her life and has had different life experiences which made her very open-minded and inspired to do wonderful wedding ceremonies like no other.

Humanist marriages and civil unions provide you with the freedom to celebrate your union in a way that suits your preferences, and Mairi will help you do just that in the best way possible for you as a couple. Since your narrative is what makes the ceremony unique, no two are alike. They are a special method for you to express your commitment to each other.

Alyson Stewart Humanist Wedding Celebrant

Alyson lives beneath Ben Nevis and loves taking couples to Nevis Range at Aonach Mhor for a wedding. She also performs ceremonies all around the country, but with her local knowledge, she is the best choice if you are getting married somewhere close to the highest mountain in Scotland.

She treats every couple uniquely and does everything possible to professionally fulfil all of their demands for their ceremony. Couples can choose from a wide range of symbolic acts, including handfasting, exchanging rings, jumping over a broom, and many more. If the pair prefers, they can even choose to do nothing.

caitlin and jack loch an eilein lochside wedding scotland aviemore

Photography by Wildling Weddings

Humanist Celebrants: FAQs

In Scotland, a humanist celebrant can help you every step of the way in creating an idea and writing your wedding ceremony. They help with your wedding being memorable and wonderful, and they are legally allowed to perform a wedding ceremony.

The prices are individual and depend on the location, experience, and many other factors. However, most humanist celebrants in Scotland charge between £300 and £500.

Yes, you can choose a humanist celebrant in Scotland instead of a religious one or a civil celebrant. They can hold a ceremony at basically any location where weddings are allowed, so you can be creative in choosing your location when you have a humanist celebrant booked for your wedding.

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