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Most people that choose to elope in wintertime do it because they are impressed by winter landscapes and amazing elopement photograph opportunities. If you have a great wedding photographer by your side your winter elopement or wedding can be truly magical and a moment to remember. When you combine moody weather, fantastic landscapes of Scotland, and a perfect winter elopement dress, you are on the right path for the elopement of your dreams.

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Why Elope in Winter in Scotland?

A winter wedding is not for everyone. If you are sensitive to cold and wind, if you want to wear a summer wedding dress, or if you do not want to risk bad weather, you should avoid eloping in winter in Scotland. But if you are ready to risk a little bit of freezing just to get perfect wedding shots without tourists in the background, winter is the right time for you.

Wintertime is also great because hiking trails are quieter, the landscape is calmer, there is no one around, and you have the opportunity to go to some usually crowded places and elope there. Also, the winter landscape can be even more dreamy and fairytale-like in Scotland than in the summer months.

If you want to have a unique elopement and have something to remember, then winter is definitely for you. Doesn’t matter if you want to get married on the shore of the loch, or on top of the mountain, your dream location awaits.

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scotland loch drunkie forest elopement photoshoot with kat and douglas

Photography by Wildling Weddings 

How to Choose the Best Winter Elopement Dress?

Elopement is different from a traditional wedding because it gives a couple more freedom to choose how their elopement will look, and what style they will choose. Their dream can come true when it is just the two of them or a couple of people involved and their venue can be any place they want. This is especially liberating when it comes to choosing dresses because you can choose your dream dress even if it does not fit into the traditional style.

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You Are in Charge

Elopement is all about you and your partner. It should be your vision of a perfect day, and with that in mind, you should also choose your perfect winter elopement dress. It can be a short wedding dress, a suit, or a fairy costume if you wish, but it is completely your choice.

Decide on Material

The material of your dress is more important than the style because what makes you warm in winter might make you sweat in summer. Brocade is one of the best fabrics for winter because it is stiff but light, and perfect for winter gowns. Damask is another winter fabric to consider especially if you like layered dresses.

scotish wedding blessing wedding photography at newhall estate scotland samantha and jamie
wedding photography at newhall estate scotland samantha and jamie

Photography by Wildling Weddings at Newhall Estate

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Where Are You Eloping

The location is very important for the elopement. Will you be hiking and then changing when you get to a location, or will you be eloping in a warm and cosy venue? You need something practical but stunning. Think about how you move in your gown, if it is easy and light fabric or is it heavy. 

How many accessories do you have and can you carry them if your elopement is somewhere in nature? The shoes are important too because you probably will not be comfortable in high heels if you are climbing the mountain. 

Does the Dress Fit Into the Landscape?

If you have a romantic elegant elopement in a castle, you may want the more sophisticated dress, but if you are choosing the streets of Edinburgh as your backdrop, your style can be as casual as you want it to be. Where you will be taking photos means a lot for the dress choice, because you do not want to overdo it, or feel underdressed. 

Imagine your outfit in the location for your dream wedding photos, does it feel good or is something missing? You can choose a dress first and then decide on a location for your elopement, or you can choose the elopement location first and then find the perfect winter elopement dress.

kat and douglas scotland lochside forest elopement

Photography by Wildling Weddings 

Colour Coordination With Your Partner

Elopement is known as offering more freedom when it comes to colours. And winter is a time of the year when any colour can be perfect for a couple. Is one of you particularly connected to a specific colour? Choose the colour theme and go from there. If your partner wants to wear red, then maybe you want to consider either having different shades of red in your outfit too, or you want to create a contrast and wear green for example.

What Are the Best Winter Elopement Dress Styles?

A big part of every wedding planning is choosing a dress, but things can get a little complicated if you are choosing a winter elopement dress. It needs to be warm enough, it needs to be beautiful, and it needs to be timeless. With all these elements considered there are some dresses we would recommend for winter elopement in Scotland.

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Elegant Red Velvet Winter Bridal Gown

A princess-like style gown is perfect for any bride that wants to wear an elegant and colourful style. This red velvet dress is a particularly good fit for weddings in indoor venues like castles and historic buildings. Also, for winter elopement or a wedding in a place where there is a lot of snow, red velvet is an ideal contrast to white background. It will make the bride stand out more than any other gown.

Rockabilly Dress in 50s Stye

A very interesting style for a city wedding. If you love retro looks then this type of dress is perfect for you. It shows your figure and it gives you elegance but also fits casual exteriors like a city or a small venue. If your ideal wedding is a party with your friends, then this dress will allow you to dance all night.

French Victorian Floral Midi Dress

For romantic brides, this French Victorian-style dress with embroidered flowers is a perfect choice. Long sleeves will keep you warm, and you can combine them with a long coat for a walk outside. If your elopement is inside this dress will fit well with any elegant ambient. Especially if you are taking photos in a romantic room of a historic building or a library.

Simple Elopement Wedding Dress

If you chose elopement so that your wedding day is simple, then this dress will perfectly follow that vibe. It has long sleeves and it is a little shorter than regular wedding gowns but still long enough for a winter elopement. It has layers and it would go well with a warm scarf and a coat if you want to take your photos outside. With this wedding dress, you can choose a minimalistic style venue and elegant black and white photos.

leahi and hamish edinburgh city chambers wedding registry office victoria street

Beautiful Dress With Leaf Details

This gorgeous winter gown has amazing green leaf details embodied in the fabric. It is one of the best styles you can wear for outdoor elopement in some fantastic Scottish landscapes. You could combine this dress with the elegant venue but also you could wear boots and coats and go to take photos by the loch. It also allows you to colour coordinate with your partner and have the details in the colours of your partner’s outfit.

Winter Elopement Dress: FAQs

To elope in winter you need to choose a perfect element dress, so if the weather becomes intense you are ready for it. If you are a more traditional type and want to wear a dress choose a heavier fabric like velvet or brocade. Accessorise with a coat and boots that fit the style.

Winter weddings allow the bride to accessorise with coats and gloves, and all kinds of warm cover-ups. Their wedding dress usually has long sleeves and is warm, but also many brides choose colourful dresses instead of white ones, to contrast with the white or grey background of winter.

It truly depends on the bride. Some wear more traditional styles, long elegant dresses or wedding dresses, while others may choose a suit, a simple wedding dress, or something else. There is no right or wrong answer here, as long as it reflects your style.

Cold weather can ruin your plans for a perfect wedding dress, which is why it is important to plan accordingly, especially if the wedding is in the middle of winter. You can choose warm dresses with multiple layers combined with scarves and coats that are warm. Also, shoes play a vital part, and choosing the right warm but elegant shoes is very important.

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