hollie and jordan seacliff beach and bass rock scotland adventure photoshoot

Ever since I saw photos of Seacliff Beach, I knew I wanted to have a photoshoot here! With gorgeous views of both Bass Rock and Tantallon Castle, it’s a stunning hidden gem along the Scottish Coast. 

I suggested the location for Hollie and Jordan’s engagement shoot and they were happy to indulge me!

While we were all hoping for a sunny (or at most a light drizzle) of a day with clear views of Bass Rock in the background, we ended up in an absolute downpour but carried on. 

These two were absolute stars, fully embracing their “dancing in the rain” moment. I clicked away, capturing them exploring the beach with their dog and laughing at this absolutely ridiculous situation that we’d all found ourselves in. 

I can’t promise nice weather for your Scotland photoshoot, but I can promise that if you show up with a good attitude and ready to embrace whatever Scotland throws at you, you’ll have incredible photos (if I do say so myself!) that I certainly hope you’ll cherish for years to come.