10 Hen Party Games to Ensure Heaps of Bridal Shower Fun!

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The hen party is arguably the most important aspect of the wedding planning process – and certainly a great way to kick off the festivities!

Most importantly, it’s the perfect opportunity for the bride to round up all the special ladies in her life to celebrate her upcoming nuptials. Traditionally, it’s on the maid of honour/head bridesmaid to plan the bachelorette shenanigans, but sometimes the mother of the bride, or even the bride herself, will take the reigns.

Either way, one way to ensure a killer bridal shower is to have a handful of fun, silly, and downright hilarious hen party games to kickstart the day!

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What is a Hen Party?

For those overseas, a hen party (or hen do), is the British term for a bridal shower or bachelorette party.

It’s the perfect opportunity to gather the bride’s ride-or-die crew so that they can provide the bride with a selection of gifts (traditionally, this would be items to begin her married life with, such as recipe books, tea sets, a ‘’something blue’, etc.).

Nowadays, gifts can be anything from silly presents (such as novelty or humour-based items), wine/champagne, chocolates, clothing, flowers, household items, and more).

As well as gift sharing, a hen party is the perfect excuse to play games, have a giggle, and eat, drink, and be merry.

10 Hen Party Games

Hen party games can be a great way to kick off the fun and loosen everyone up to have a good time (which can be hugely beneficial if there’s a guest or two who doesn’t know anyone), so without further ado, let’s get into the best of what’s on offer in the party game department.

Whether you fancy classy hen party games, rude hen party games, hen party drinking games, or a selection of all three – there’s something for everyone here.

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Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

What you need:

●  Toilet paper (duh!). The amount depends on your guestlist size.

●  A timer/phone

●  Small prize for the winner.

●  Music for the catwalk!

Those looking to have a sophisticated affair may want to sit this one out – the toilet paper wedding dress game is all about silliness!

If you have yet to play this hen party classic, let us acquaint you. The toilet paper wedding dress challenge is simple, easy, and heaps of fun. Here’s what to do:

●  Divide all guests into pairs or small groups and provide them with several rolls of toilet paper.

●  Set a 15-minute timer and challenge each group to ‘fashion’ a ‘bog roll gown’ on one member of each team.

●  Once the 15 minutes are up, perform a ‘catwalk’ as such, allowing each ‘model’ to strut her funky stuff in her toilet paper gown.

●  Decide on a winner. This can be the dress that is the most creative, the dress that is most hilarious, or who looks most like a Vivienne Westwood model (and less like a Mummy!).

●  The winner gets a prize of your choosing. Top tips:

● This game is best paired with an open bottle of prosecco (or four)

Hen Party Dares

All you’ll need for this game is a set of hen party dares cards. Either make your own or buy pre-made ones.

This game is best for parties taking place on a night out; particularly at a club, bar, or on a pub crawl. Each hen has to undergo a series of dares – or face a forfeit! Many a giggle awaits…

For DIY cards, some dares could include:

●  Getting a piggyback from a stranger

●  Getting a stranger to buy you a drink

●  A group selfie crammed into one toilet cubicle

●  Getting the DJ to play a certain song (bonus points if the song is really silly)

●  Photobombing a stranger’s pic

●  Getting a selfie with the bouncer

Photography by Wildling Weddings

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‘Horrible Hens’

Lovers of Cards Against Humanity and fans of rude hen party games alike will adore these Horrible Hens cards

Known as the brutal hen party drinking and forfeit game, Horrible Hens is guaranteed to have all ladies in utter hysterics as they undergo the rules, dares, forfeits, and challenges from this 55-card deck.

For parties needing a good ice-breaker game to bring everyone together over some belly laughs, this is a brilliant choice!

Hen Party Charades

Charades is the party game of all party games, and now you can enjoy a hen do version. This rendition allows you to choose between clean, rude, or mixed cards for the ultimate hen party hilarity.

Those who want to indulge in some hen party drinking games can do so by making each hen down a shot every time she fails at correctly guessing a charade.

Those who want to keep things classy can do so by testing their wedding movie knowledge with Wedding Film Charades, instead of this smutty version.

virgin hotel edinburgh wedding kara and mark groom and groomsmen commons club bar
virgin hotel edinburgh wedding kara and mark groom and groomsmen commons club bar

Photography by Wildling Weddings

Ping Pong

Or should we say, Prosecco Pong?!

All hen parties are made one hundred times better with the involvement of prosecco, right?! Forget beer pong, prosecco pong is where it’s at.

This prosecco pong kit will guarantee you have everything you need for some silly sportsmanship (minus the fizz, which you’ll need to source yourself) and is a great game to kick off the evening with.

Advice for the Bride

Hen party games don’t always have to be naughty or boozy to be heaps of fun, and these Advice for the Bride cards allow the hens to pepper the bride-to-be with funny, insightful, and

heartfelt advice for her pending married life while the bride gets to read them out loud and guess who wrote each one.

Mr & Mrs Questions

A hen party game that’s completely free (and super fun)?! What’s not to like about that?!

Put the bride’s future hubby trivia to the test by creating questions all about the groom-to-be, or purchase a ready-made set. Here’s how to play:

  • Choose the questions from your list or cards
  • Send them over to the groom (worth doing this prior to the night!)
  • Keep the answers a secret from the bride
  • Ask the bride questions and compare her answers to the groom’s. If she gets one monumentally wrong, give her a forfeit or make her do a shot.
virgin hotel edinburgh wedding kara and mark

Photography by Wildling Weddings

Bra Pong

What you’ll need:

●  An array of different-sized bras

●  A wooden board & board pins

●  Ping pong balls

●  Prosecco (or booze of choice)

●  Paper/cardboard & a Sharpie

●  A table

●  A prize

Want to spice up your Prosecco Pong?! Bra Pong is the ultimate way to ensure some pant-piddlingly good giggles for those having their hen do in a home/private space. Here’s how it works:

●  Attach the bras to the wooden board

●  Each bra needs a piece of paper/cardboard next to it with a point number written on it

(the smaller the bra, the higher the point should be)

●  Divide the hens into pairs/small groups, giving them all a ping pong ball (per person)

with their name written on it.

●  Each team will take their turn to launch the pongs into a bra cup (with each ball

bouncing on the table at least once – it is Ping Pong, after all!)

●  Whichever team gets the highest score wins a prize.

Nail Polish or P*rn Film

Lovers of rude hen party games will delight in this creative little ditty! How it works is the hen party coordinator/leader will need to comprise a list of nail polish names and p*rn movie titles.

Divide the party up into teams and put their knowledge to the test – whoever gets the most correct answers, wins, and whoever gets the least, gets a forfeit!

What Am I?

Last but not least is the riddle-based, innuendo-fuelled card game, What Am I? 

How it works:

  • Give out cards to each player
  • Players take it in turns to read out their cards
  • The rest of the hens have to guess who they are

This amusing option is ideal for those needing hen party games for small groups, as opposed to bigger parties.


As well as the hilarious games on this list, other hen party games include:

●  Hen party piñata

●  Pop the Partner

●  Bridal Emoji Pictionary

●  Who’s Who

●  Hen party scavenger hunt

●  Would She Rather

Typically, a hen party is organised by the maid of honour/the bridesmaids, or even the mother of the bride or the bride herself.

Irrespective of who orchestrates the affair, the most important part of a hen do is to make sure everyone is having fun – especially the bride – the day is all about her, after all.

Hen parties are all about having a giggle and showering the bride with love, adoration, and a gift or two.

The trick to ensure a hen night is super special is to make all guests feel welcome (especially those who may not know anyone else), ensure some great entertainment (games, dares, a stripper, etc.), make sure everyone has food, drinks, etc., and cater to everyone’s needs (vegan, food allergies, etc.), and have fun.


10 Hen Party Games to Ensure Heaps of Bridal Shower Fun!

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