Elope in Edinburgh: A 2024/2025 Guide

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With elopements and micro-weddings being favoured by more and more modern couples, tying the knot has never been simpler. 

There are multiple benefits to opting for a small wedding over a traditional 200+ affair, so for those thinking about whether to elope in Edinburgh, Scotland – we have put together a nifty guide outlining everything you need to know.

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ashley and mark elopement holyrood park arthurs seat st anthony's chapel ruins

Photography by Wildling Weddings

Eloping in Scotland

So, good news. Eloping in Scotland is super easy and accessible – even for non-UK residents. And there are a tonne of reasons why Edinburgh makes for the most magical elopement spot.

Why Elope in Edinburgh?

One of the reasons that many happy couples flock to Scotland to tie the knot is because of its uniqueness insofar as being the only UK country where it is perfectly legal to get hitched pretty much anywhere (providing the ceremony is conducted by an official person and the landowner’s permission has been sought).

This means mountains, lochs, meadows, castles, ancient ruins, beaches, and everywhere in between is a potential “venue”.

As for getting married in Edinburgh, much magic (and romance) can be found here. This historical city has more than a few interesting locations that make for incredible ceremonial spots (for example, Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh Castle, and the Secret Herb Garden – to name but a few).

And once the ceremony is boxed off, there is an abundance of incredible places to celebrate and stay the night.

Edinburgh Elopement Packages

Some of the appeals of eloping include the significantly reduced planning, costs, and stress that typically accompanies most traditional weddings. But even then, certain factors remain to consider: the celebrant, the venue, the photographer, the wedding dinner, accommodation, etc.

All of this adds up to time that could otherwise be spent planning your honeymoon or just anticipating the romance, fun, and joy of the wedding day itself. 

So, with this in mind, we’ve put together an all-inclusive Wildling Weddings elopement package to ensure the planning side of things is an absolute breeze.

Wildling Weddings All-Inclusive Scotland Elopement Package

We have put this package together for couples who:

  • Desire a small ceremony.
  • Don’t mind a bit of wind and rain.
  • Don’t want to spend tens of thousands on a wedding.
  • Don’t mind if their shoes get a bit muddy.
  • Are game for early morning starts to catch the sunrise and avoid crowds.
  • Want to dance and splash about in Scottish lochs.
  • Are obsessed with Scotland’s natural beauty and want to say their vows amidst its stunning mountains.

Who the all-inclusive Scotland elopement package isn’t for:

  • Couples wanting big wedding parties. Please check with us regarding the number of guests you’re planning, as there may be restrictions we need to adhere to.
  • Those wanting indoor elopements. This package is designed for outdoor elopement venues only (with one indoor option in central Edinburgh). Please get in touch if you’ve booked an indoor venue and would still like the package, as we may be able to accommodate you.


  • In order to have hair and makeup done at your accommodation (no shared hostel rooms), you must provide a private room with adequate lighting and a mirror.
  • Be prepared to say “I do” in the wind and rain. Scotland’s weather is constantly changing – but some of the best photos and smiles come amidst the unexpected downpours!


If this sounds like the exact thing for you and your special someone, click here to browse our pricing guide.

Photography by Wildling Weddings

Reception Venues in Edinburgh

Once you’ve said your vows and had your first kiss as a married couple, now for the fun part – to swig champagne and dance the night away at your reception.

Although your elopement may be a small affair, the reception gives you the opportunity to celebrate your nuptials with however many guests you desire – and there is no better place for a shindig than Edinburgh!

Some great venues include:

Edinburgh Elopement: What to Expect From Our Elopement Package

Here’s the lowdown on what you and your partner will get once you’ve signed up for the Wildling Weddings all-inclusive elopement package:

A Location Guide & Permit Application

After you’ve booked the package, I will be in touch with you to provide a location guide that so you can decide where you would like your ceremony. 

We will discuss all of the options, and once you decide, I will submit the permit application for you. Once approved, we can move on to booking the remaining vendors!

Vendor Preference & Booking

Next, I will send you a questionnaire where you can pop your various vendor preferences. For example, a male or female celebrant, your Pinterest board for hair and flower inspo, and any other relevant details. 

I will do my best to get flowers similar to the images you send and will also book the vendors for your elopement date, and any extras you’ve purchased.

Planning the Big Day

Now sit back and relax! Your only job after choosing your location and submitting your questionnaire is to liaise with the celebrant, who will craft a ceremony around your love story and preferences. 

I will keep in touch regularly throughout the process to keep you updated on your wedding day timeline. On the day of your wedding, your hair and makeup team will arrive at your accommodation, and I will be along promptly with your flowers. Once we’re ready, we will head to the ceremony location.

ashley and mark elopement holyrood park arthurs seat st anthony's chapel ruins
ashley and mark elopement holyrood park arthurs seat st anthony's chapel ruins

Photography by Wildling Weddings

Elopement Photographer

As well as providing an all-inclusive elopement package to take the hassle out of the planning phase, I also offer a wedding photography service to snap your special day.

Photography has long been a passion of mine, and since setting up as a freelance wedding photographer here in Edinburgh, I have had the privilege of working with incredible families and couples to capture the beauty that Scotland offers, coupled with the magic and romance my clients’ love stories!

Although I am thrilled to work as a Scotland wedding photographer, I don’t just focus on weddings. I also offer engagement, family, couples, or solo photoshoots for those wanting to document the magical moment a couple takes their relationship to the next step. Find more details about these shoots in Edinburgh or Adventure Photoshoots across Scotland

The Roseate

The fabulous Roseate in Haymarket, Edinburgh, offers a venue for indoor or outdoor weddings alike, as well as accommodation for those not wanting to venture far for a comfy bed!

Less than 20 minutes away from Edinburgh International Airport, the snazzy Roseate is the ultimate venue for those loving a little old-time elegance (the building dates back to the 1860s). 

As well as stylish, plush rooms, the Roseate offers exemplary cuisine coupled with a delightful bar stocked full of local whiskies and some of the best spirits from Highland breweries.

The Dalmahoy Hotel & Country Club

Those wanting to incorporate a little Scottish countryside into their special day – whilst not venturing too far from the perimeters of Edinburgh – can have their cake and eat it too (literally!) at the swanky Dalmahoy Hotel.

Located in Kirknewton, just seven minutes outside of the city, this venue boasts sweeping views of the nearby countryside, as well as Edinburgh itself.

Those wanting to keep the post-elopement celebrations small – don’t be put off by the size and scale of the hotel. The Dalmahoy is more than happy to host small and intimate wedding receptions, with 4 magical function rooms to choose from (as well as the beautiful grounds).

Bread Street Kitchen

Located in St. Andrew’s Square, the fabulous Breat Street restaurant is the ultimate eatery to celebrate your nuptials.

This New Town venue features a terrace that overlooks the beautiful square – ideal for a few pre-dinner cocktails. Also, their in-house chefs will work with you (or in this case – me) to create the perfect wedding menu.

Size isn’t a problem either, as this venue features options for an intimate reception of circa 10 guests – or something a little bigger (the maximum capacity is 120 people).

This Gordon Ramsey restaurant is ideal for couples who appreciate fine dining!

Leith Arches

Just because you want a small, intimate elopement, it doesn’t mean you have to skip out on the party of the century!

Those wanting a reception with a larger headcount can revel in this hip Gordon Street venue, which caters to 80-180 guests. 

Featuring a funky mezzanine and industrial-style decor, Leith Arches is the perfect contemporary-style urban venue to dance the night away. It also features a café bar for those wanting to tuck into a delicious spread and enjoy a few glasses of fizz!

Mansfield Traquair

Often referred to as Edinburgh’s Sistine Chapel, this jaw-dropping venue is ideal for lovers of art and architecture alike.

Draped in meter after meter of white twinkle lights, this historical fairytale-esque location is perfect for those wanting a medieval-style banquet with some seriously awesome decor.

With a minimum headcount of 80, Mansfield Traquair is best suited for couples desiring a larger wedding reception to invite the loved ones who will want to celebrate (elopements have a way of making the rellies feel a bit put out, but with this exquisite venue – everyone will be catered to!).

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Elope in Edinburgh: A 2024/2025 Guide

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