Engagement Rings in Edinburgh: 10 Locations You Can Visit Today

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One of the most important decisions is choosing diamond engagement rings for every couple. These rings stay with us forever to remind us of our love and commitment and they are a fine piece of jewelry that we can combine with every outfit. You can buy amazing engagement rings in Edinburgh, which is why we are here to give you a suggestion on where to start your search.

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What to Consider When Buying an Engagement Ring?

When purchasing engagement rings, you should pay close attention to the diamond’s cut, colour, weight, and clarity. Your diamond’s value is determined by these features, both in terms of price and appeal. When looking for diamond engagement rings, the ideal combination of a carat weight and cut grade must be discovered. 

A larger diamond with a lower cut grade is still available, but it won’t sparkle as much as you’d want. Instead, you can choose a diamond with a higher cut grade and lower carat weight, which will result in a much larger and more spectacular stone. In the end, it all comes down to budget and taste.

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Sally Grant

Sally is an amazing artist that creates bespoke jewellery that is inspired by natural landscapes and texture. If you want to buy a unique engagement ring in Edinburgh, this artist is the right choice for you. You can choose the material and the ring, and she will make your dream come true. She takes commissions but also has a selection of premade jewellery you can see online and when you visit her studio.

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Robert Anthony

Anne & David Henderson first opened Robert Anthony Jewellers in 1981. Their goal was, and still is, to showcase exquisite jewellery of the highest calibre made by independent goldsmiths and boutique manufacturers that are typically inaccessible to larger jewellery chain stores. They have an amazing collection for everyone’s taste, but you can also design your rings here. The staff is knowledgeable and will guide you through the process if you want a bespoke ring.

Moira Patience

Award-winning fine jewellery designer Moira Patience is headquartered in the centre of Edinburgh and specialises in producing gorgeous, custom pieces utilising stones that have been ethically mined. Moira is committed to making jewellery that is truly remarkable, and unique, and epitomises luxury and elegance. For those looking for sustainable engagement rings in Edinburgh Moira’s jewellery is an excellent choice.

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Daniel Henderson

If you are interested in more classical-looking rings, the Daniel Henderson store might interest you. Daniel Henderson Jewellers of Edinburgh, experts in engagement and wedding rings has provided some of the most recognisable names in the UK jewellery industry. Daniel Henderson Jewellers was founded in 2011 and is known for offering the greatest quality and design. This Edinburgh-native jewellery offers a unique buying experience and is one of the best stops on your engagement ring journey in Scotland’s capital.


For traditional looking jewellery or antique jewellery stop by Goodwins on Queensferry or Rose streets. This is the third generation-run family business that operates since 1946, so maybe even your grandparents have gotten their rings here. When it comes to stones in engagement rings, they offer diamond rings, ruby rings, emeralds, sapphires, and more. Their diamond engagement rings come in many different shapes, giving you a lot of opportunities for choosing.

Liam Ross

Liam Ross is a jewellery designer who creates gorgeous engagement rings with lab-grown diamonds. These diamonds are visually identical to traditionally mined diamonds, but they are the best option when it comes to ethical practices and sustainability. Liam Ross offers all classical shapes and cuts of diamond engagement rings, and you will have a lot to choose from.


Aetla is not just a popular place for ethical diamonds but also for bespoke design. You can get an engagement ring that no one else has which is already in their collection, or ask them for a special design. Their collection consists of diamond rings, sapphires, aquamarine, and more. You can find the stone you love and then choose the bend and design you like. To start the process contact them through their website.


This family-run business has been selling engagement rings in Edinburgh, among all other jewellery, for over 50 years. They have specialized in different eras and here you can find a great selection of vintage rings, including Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods. They offer online purchases and fast delivery, so you can easily select the ring you want on their website today, and receive next-day delivery if your order was by 3 pm.

The Ringmaker

Using the finest diamonds, colourful stones, and precious metals, this studio specialises in creating and hand-crafting unique engagement, wedding, and eternity bands for people. You can visit their studios in Glasgow and Edinburgh for a distinctive bespoke design experience in a welcoming setting. Please note that you must make an appointment to visit them. Once you get there you will have the opportunity to buy something from a collection or order a completely unique design as you imagine it, choosing the stone and the materials.

Margaret A King

Margaret King is one of the best gemologists in Scotland, and her family business has grown in both Edinburgh and Glasgow. In their store in Edinburgh, you can see unique handcrafted diamond engagement rings, along with other fantastic pieces of jewellery. And if you go to visit them in Glasgow, you can also see their workshop where all of these magical pieces come to life. From unique designs to fabulous collections, they have something for everyone.

Taylor & Hart

When they first started creating bespoke rings they didn’t even dream of becoming world famous. They created the first unique design for their friend and after that, the business grew so much that now they have stores in many cities in the world aside from Edinburgh. At Taylor & Hart, you get to choose everything about your ring design, but with their help. So if you feel like you don’t know enough to design your ring, don’t worry, they will help you every step of the way. However, there are also collections available if you want something already built.

The Tappit Hen Gallery

The Tappit Hen Gallery specialises in custom Celtic Scottish wedding and engagement rings. Additionally, they provide bespoke Scottish-inspired jewellery for clients worldwide. For more than 40 years, they have been producing exquisite designs for clients. They are experts in handcrafted, custom-made Scottish-inspired design from Edinburgh, Scotland, with a focus on distinctive Scottish design. All of our jewellery is stamped with our sponsor’s hallmark and hallmarked at the Edinburgh Assay Office. They take commissions but also can create one-of-a-kind jewellery or do remodelling.

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Bonus: Make Your Own Wedding Rings in Edinburgh

I had to include Make Wedding Rings as an option because of how cool of an experience this is! Donna runs an Edinburgh-based studio where she hosts private workshops for clients to design and make their own wedding rings. If you want a ring that’s truly memorable and unique, I highly recommend this experience.

Engagement Rings in Edinburgh FAQS

Where to Buy Engagement Rings in Edinburgh?

There are a plethora of jewellery shops in Edinburgh, that feature unique designs and have numerous options for every taste. Aside from famous jewellers on Princes Street, you can find many independent shops throughout the city, including Annie Smith, Sheila Fleet, and Rosie Brown.

Where to Buy Ethical Engagement Rings?

The most ethical stones you can buy are lab-grown diamonds. In Edinburgh, you can get them in several stores, for example, Aetla, Jacqueline & Edward, and The Natural Wedding Company. Most stores will advertise this fact on their website, but if you are unsure give them a call and confirm if they have what you are looking for.

What Is an Ethical Diamond?

Ethical diamonds are those that were mined in mines with ethical working conditions and fair pay. Most jewellers are selling ethical diamonds nowadays, as well as lab-grown diamonds which are the most ethical option.

How Do You Know if Your Diamond Is Ethically Sourced?

Look for the Kimberley Process certification to verify the ethical sourcing of the diamonds you purchase. This certification ensures that a stone was produced free of conflict at all times, from mining to cutting to polishing to selling.

How Are the Lab-Grown Diamonds Made?

Lab-grown diamonds, often referred to as engineered or cultured diamonds, are produced utilising cutting-edge technical methods in environments that are strictly regulated to mimic the circumstances in which diamonds naturally originate in the Earth’s mantle, beneath the crust. 

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Where to Buy Engagement Rings in Edinburgh? Top 10 Locations You Can Visit Today!

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