leahi and hamish edinburgh city chambers wedding registry office

Leahi and Hamish’s love story unfolded against the iconic backdrop of Edinburgh City Chambers, where their wedding ceremony was an enchanting affair. Before heading to their Witchery reception, we embarked on a brief yet magical post-wedding photoshoot.

After the heartfelt ceremony, our adventure took a delightful turn at Riddle’s Court, a hidden gem with stunning orange walls. The vibrant hues served as a striking contrast to the traditional City Chambers setting, offering a dynamic visual narrative.

Our journey continued through the historic streets of Edinburgh, from the charming Advocate’s Close to the lively Victoria Street, Edinburgh is full if gorgeous locations – all within a minute’s walk of each other. I am absolutely obsessed with Leahi’s outfit: a gorgeous white blazer, trousers, and of course the cutest vintage bag. 

What made the photoshoot truly special was the genuine applause from passersby. As Leahi and Hamish shared intimate moments, the streets of Edinburgh became a stage for spontaneous cheers and claps, adding an unexpected but delightful layer to the couple’s post-wedding experience.