Destination Wedding in Scotland: A 24/25 Guide

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Destination anywhere!

Here at Wildling Weddings, our opinion may be a little biased, but even so, we happen to think that Scotland is one of the most beautiful locations in the world for a destination wedding

Planning a wedding – any wedding – can be daunting, but one far away from home has a few other things to consider. So, those planning a destination wedding in Scotland – let’s get started.

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What is a Destination Wedding?

As the name suggests, a destination wedding takes place in a town/country in an area away from a couple’s hometown/main place of residence.

Although there can be considerably more planning involved with a destination wedding, the payoff is absolutely worth it, as couples can literally tie the knot in their dream location – including Scotland.

There are so many advantages to getting hitched in Scotland – the otherworldly scenery and relaxed laws on outdoor ceremonies being just two. So for those planning a destination wedding in Scotland, here’s everything you need to know.

Destination Wedding in Scotland

Forget Rome. Forget Paris. Scotland is the new romantic place to tie the knot.

Pros & Cons of a Scotland Wedding

Let’s see if a Scotland wedding is right for you and your partner.


  • Scotland is famously relaxed on its laws about where you can wed. Unlike the other countries that make up the UK, Scotland allows you to get hitched almost anywhere outdoors – which means mountains, beaches, lochs, flowery meadows, ancient hilltops, and much more are all up for grabs as potential ceremony locations.
  • Scotland is incredibly beautiful. As well as the historical, famous cities like Glasgow and Edinburgh, this part of the UK is made up of some seriously stunning natural scenery, including The Highlands, the Hebrides, and many rural locations on the Scottish Borders.
  • The Scots love nothing more than a good reason to celebrate, and Scottish weddings have a swath of Gaelic traditions that can make your day special, unique, and heaps of fun.
  • Whisky a-plenty! Lovers of local spirits will be in heaven with the sheer amount of breweries serving up delicious Scottish tipples made from Highland spring water. No one does whisky quite like the Scots – fact!
  • Lots of men in kilts… *wink wink*, ladies….


  • Fans of hot, sunny weather may want to rethink a destination wedding in Scotland. Although Scottish summers are typically pleasant, the weather can be rather unpredictable, and for those planning an outdoor wedding – having a pair of wellies on standby is a must!
  • Scotland is vastly becoming the ‘it’ place to tie the knot, and famous landmark locations like Glencoe and Edinburgh Castle can get snatched up pretty quickly, which means a plan-b location may be in order. If you’re dead set on a certain place, booking as early as possible is wise, and avoiding peak tourist times (between April and late September) is advisable. This is also good because you then avoid the midges (annoying bugs that love to gather by water in the warmer months).
  • We can’t think of a third con!

Scottish Wedding: Planning Your Destination Wedding in Scotland

We’ve put together this little checklist to get you started with planning your Scottish destination wedding.


  1. Establish a realistic budget. Once you have a set idea of what your wedding budget is, this will allow you to gauge the venue, vendors, and everything in between without potential disappointments. This must be the first step of your wedding planning.
  2. Start creating your guest list. Be mindful that because it is a destination wedding, there is a possibility that guests may not be willing/able to travel.
  3. Choose a wedding date. You will need to do this before you embark on booking vendors and filling in the legal paperwork.
  4. Choose your venue. It is best to put down a venue deposit sooner rather than later to avoid missing out. You can actually do this before selecting your wedding date, as you may need to be a little flexible in order to book your dream venue.
  5. Look into flights that tie in with the wedding date. Give yourself plenty of time – especially if jetlag may be a factor.
  6. Start looking into accommodation, and advise guests to do the same. Again, early booking is recommended to avoid missing out.
  7. Once you’ve got a date on the calendar and have secured your venue, then it is time to mail out your RSVPs (make sure to give your guests plenty of time so they can get the best travel deals).
  8. Next up, be sure to book your celebrant for the date you have saved.
  9. Start curating a list of bridesmaids and groomsmen.
  10. Start booking appointments for dress boutiques and vendor sampling.
  11. Put down deposits for key vendors, such as the florist, photographer, caterers, and the evening entertainment.
  12. Go ring shopping.
  13. Order your wedding dress and organise any necessary alterations.
  14. Apply for your marriage license.
  15. Apply for marriage visas (if coming from abroad).
  16. Book a hair and makeup artist.
  17. Attend your hen do – this should be organised for you by the maid of honour.
  18. Book your honeymoon.
  19. Make a seating plan and organise any necessary table decor.

Scotland Destination Wedding Locations

There is no shortage of incredible destination wedding locations in Scotland, and some of our favourites include:

Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh

Those favouring the fabulous city of Edinburgh as their ideal location – but may wish to skip the hustle and bustle of the city streets – can say their vows amidst the panoramic views that go hand-in-hand with Arthur’s Seat.

Located in the picturesque Holywood Park, Arthur’s Seat boasts an array of incredible spots to tie the knot. Those toying with the idea of a hiking wedding – while still wanting to be fairly urban – can get the best of both worlds with this historical spot.

Photography by Wildling Weddings

Dalmahoy Hotel, Kirknewton

Staying within the vicinity of Edinburgh’s city limits is the regal and elegant Dalmahoy Hotel and Country Club, which is just a seven-minute drive from the capital.

Wildling Weddings has had the privilege of photographing a wedding at this venue, and we can tell you – it’s pretty magical!

With a selection of indoor and outdoor ceremony spots (including a little chapel that dates back to 1850), couples can enjoy a traditional, same-sex, or humanist celebration at this venue.

Secret Herb Garden, Edinburgh

Another venue Wildling Weddings has experienced in the flesh from behind the camera. The Secret Herb Garden is one of Edinburgh’s many hidden treasures. Think ‘enchanting garden’ and that is this venue to a tee.

As well as being a stunning outdoor location, the Secret Herb Garden is also a delicious bistro and distillery – perfect for all your wedding dinner and whisky dram needs!

Cairngorms National Park, The Highlands

One of The Highlands’ most rural and regal areas is, without a doubt, Cairngorms National Park, which can be found nestled between Perth and Inverness.

Those who love all things outdoors will relish the natural beauty that comes with this stunning corner of the world, which features lochs, mountains, woodlands, and epic hiking trails a-plenty.

Photography by Wildling Weddings

Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh

Yup – you can totally tie the knot at Scotland’s most famous chateau!

Not only can you have your wedding ceremony at Edinburgh Castle, but you can also dance the night away at your reception. With a large variety of function rooms to choose from, you can guarantee you’ll feel like royalty while tying the knot here!

Be mindful that Edinburgh Castle, unfortunately, doesn’t offer overnight accommodation, so you and your guests will need to make alternative arrangements.

Photography by Wildling Weddings

Wedding Venues Scotland

Scotland may be a small country but it has a large choice of wedding venues. Some of Wildling Weddings’ personal faves include:

Scottish Highland Wedding

Those who love otherworldly rural scenery are hard-pushed to match the beauty of The Highlands. Whether you desire a beach wedding, mountain ceremony, or lochside elopement, this area has it all.

Just some of The Highlands’ wedding venues include:

Destination Wedding Photographer Scotland

As a Scotland-based wedding photographer (although I initially herald from the good ole U. S of A), I have had the privilege of photographing many weddings across many parts of Scotland, and if I could give couples one piece of advice about a destination wedding – opt for a photographer who knows the area well and will lead you to some of the most romantic spots for your shoot!

Simply input your details here to get instant access to our wedding pricing page. If you don’t receive an email, please check your spam folder.

All-Inclusive Scotland Elopement Package

As well as offering a wedding photography service, Wildling Weddings is pleased to announce its latest addition: an all-inclusive Scotland elopement package.

I have created this service to help take the hassle out of planning your Scotland elopement, and I will work with you to secure everything you need – from the cake to the venue to the celebrant).

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